Our Mission Statement, which defines what we do, is:

  • we support people who are living with dementia, helping them to maintain or improve the quality of their lives by working with artists to practise the visual arts and crafts. By people living with dementia we mean people who have dementia and people who care for them
  • we will continue to reach out to support more participants across a wide range of diversity
  • we work in the Bristol area.

How we aim to achieve our Mission:

For people who have dementia to:

  • work through the visual arts and crafts to create opportunities for expression, stimulation, enjoyment and achievement
  • develop communication between people who have dementia and others whether individually or as part of the group.

For those who support people who have dementia (mainly family members but also paid carers), to enable:

  • a period of respite and enjoyment
  • the pleasure of seeing the people they support participating in the sessions and achieving something original and of value to them.

For Lighting Up to:

  • deliver a meaningful programme of activities
  • give participants access to high quality art materials and tools
  • create and maintain a safe environment
  • support artists in their work with people living with dementia.

For artists to:

  • experience the enjoyment of working with others
  • share their knowledge and expertise whilst developing new creative skills in media other than their own
  • create an environment for social interaction and fun
  • ensure that the benefits derived from the sessions are continued and developed.

For all those taking part to:

  • celebrate the session and enjoy being in the company of others.